Monday, 21 October 2013

Eylure: 060 Naturalites Lashes* ♡

Hi everyone!  Recently I was contacted by a company to pick a pair of eyelashes from their amazing website to review! have an amazing variety of eye lash styles and eye lash brands including Eylure and Ardell!  After a long time looking through I settled for the Eylure 060 lashes, what caught my eye about these was they are super natural and fluttery, something that i've never tried!  The eyelashes were sent out to me and arrived a day after they contacted me, pretty fast if you ask me!  As you can see the eye lashes are so pretty and natural, at first I wasn't sure if I liked them because I am used to thick fuller lashes!  After a while of having them on I love them, I can't even feel them when they're on which is a big thumbs up!  Personally I wouldn't wear these on a night out but most definitely throughout the day, I really love them!

Give a check out, very fast delivery and very realsonable prices!
Thank you for reading! 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

FOTD: Wearable Autumn Vampy ♡

Autumn and Winter are just around the corner so I decided I would make use of the colours I have in my makeup drawer to create some sort of Autumn/Vampy look with purple and berry shades.  From the photo below you can see that I had a problem with applying my lashes on my right eye, but hey everyone makes mistakes! 
Base Makeup - I love a good medium buildable coverage foundation and MAC's Studio Fix Fluid is one of my favourite foundations, my shade is NW10 especially during the winter months.  Under my eyes and on my blemishes on my cheeks I applied Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in shade Fair 1.  I always set my foundation and concealer with Rimmel Stay Matte in Translucent.  On my cheeks I used Sleek Blusher in Rose Gold for a subtle glow and MAC's MSF in Lightscapade to highlight my nose and cheek bones. 
Eye/Lip Makeup - Purple shadow really makes blue and hazel eyes pop!  I started with MAC's Brule eyeshadow for an all over base colour, from there I applied MAC's Satellite Dreams all over the lid blending it up and on my lover lashline.  For more definition I used MAC's Shadowy Lady a deep purple shade in the outer corners and blended lightly throughout the crease.  From there I applied a thin line of liquid eyeliner and my Rocket Mascara which I love at the minute.  My eyelashes of choice were the Ardell Demi Wispies.  For an inner corner highlight I used Maybelline's Snow White eyeshadow.

Hope you liked my Autumn/Vampy makeup look, let me know what you want to see from my blog in the next few weeks! (outfits, makeup looks, reviews, hauls etc)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sephora/Holiday Beauty Haul ♡

When you find out you are going abroad you always think about buying makeup, or at least I do.  When I found out that there was a Sephora in Albufeira at the Algarve Shopping Centre where I was staying I was over the moon, me and my bestfriend are obsessed with makeup. I saved up some extra money to treat myself while I was there, Algarve Shopping centre was better than I first thought! I only recognised a few clothing brands but when I got there all of the shops were totally my style, I could of spent all day there! I'd heard people saying that Albufeiras Sephora wasn't good and wasn't big, but I still think it was amazing. 
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer 
We flew to Portugal with Jet 2, my nana told me that they sold perfume and makeup on the plane so I had my money at the ready to get some bargains. On the plane Jet 2 had an extra 20% off the usual discounted price making it £16!! Could I say no?  My best friend also bought this as we've both heard really good things about it, its also oil free so it drew me to it even more. I haven't used this yet but i'm expecting good things from it as its a Best Seller by Smashbox, we shall see! 
As soon as I got to Sephora I was overwhelmed with makeup, I couldn't decide what to buy so I looked at the things I couldn't purchase in the UK. I had a load swatched but decided on this one as its a mix of a bright pink and a coral which I don't have much of. I loved the look of these highly pigmented lasting lipsticks, swatching them they are so so incredibly highly pigmented and creamy! So excited to use this. 
Before hitting Sephora me and Emily had spoken about getting our hands on this, as we've heard so much hype. As far as I know you can buy this in the UK at IMATS or online from Amazon etc. I thought I would pick this up in Sephora so I could get matched to my shade correctly, its quite expensive so I wanted to be sure I had the right shade. I am super excited to try this out and will most definitely be doing a review at some stage! 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Holiday Blues - Portugal ♡

  On Wednesday I came back from a week in Portugal's Algarve, Albufeira with my bestfriend and her parents! I've been to Portugal before, Lagos to be specific which was around 1hr-2hrs away from where I was staying in Albufeira so it was different for me. We all had a lovely time and the weather was beautiful, I've returned with some little tan lines which is always a surprise with me being fair and pale. 
We stayed in Vila Petra Hotel/Apartments in Albufeira which is around a 15min walk to The Newtown strip. The strip was something new and very different to what i've experienced before full of bars, restaurants and mainly clubs. Not so far from there was Albufeira's Old Town which we all prefered much more to the strip, it had more cute shops, restaurants and some bars but we felt more comfortable there than the main strip. I would recommend you all going to try out the strip where ever you are staying, just so you can say you've been and seen what its like! I guess you can say some love, some don't like so much! Above is Albufeira's Old Town, a beautiful beach and lots of little shops and restaurants! We spent a full day here, and since that day we went back a lot on the night times for food and drinks. If you are in the area I would recommend going to Bank for food as I had a lovely fajita wrap there, and Dominos for drinks! We did various things in our week away in Portugal, we had a trip to a shopping centre, water park, markets, and more. 
(Me - New Look vest, New Look Skirt & River Island shades)
(Emily - Topshop crop vest, Vintage Levi shorts & Rayban shades) 

Have you been to Portugal before or have you been on holiday this year?


Friday, 23 August 2013

Bourjois - Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Red Sunrise ♡

I've found myself jumping on the bandwagon to the very hyped Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayons! I've seen them everywhere in the YouTube and Blogging world over the past month or two and since my holiday is coming up I needed a long lasting red lipstick which isn't going to melt off my face! I definitely think that Bourjois are bringing it at the minute, they've released so many good products! 

Bourjois Say - A new generation formula that provides a bare lips sensation thanks to its sensory, light and non-sticky texture. With a silk extract formula, Color Boost ensures comfort and hydration for 10 hours*.Plus, it has SPF 15 and Waterproof colour!Available in 4 bold shades.
Packaging - I love how the packaging reflects the same colour as the actual lipstick you are buying and I also love how sleek and clean looking it looks! The writing isn't all crammed on and looks very presentable and is easy to read through. When I first looked at this I just thought once you used the crayon bit there was no product left, until I was on the train home and tried to twist the silver thing at the bottom. To my utter surprise you can twist that and you get more product, I was so happy because i've used lip crayons before that don't do that! 

Application - This lip crayon applies very very nicely! When first applied it is very glossy and shiny looking without looking too fake. The photos taken are with one layer of the crayon which shows it is extremely pigmented! So much better colour pay off than the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. 
Lasting Power - Bourjois says that the colour lasts for 10 hours on the lips which sounds quite impressive. I tested this out and it didn't quite last 10 hours, it survived when I drank things. The colour faded after I'd had food but was still visible  I would say it lasts 3 hours which is a bit of a let down. This was the first time I tested it out so I am eager to see how it lasts when I try it out some more! 
Finished Look - I really love the finished look, on the photos above was one layer applied but if you want a more bold look you can build up the colour. I feel like this can be an everyday shade or build it up for a night out or evening makeup look, it is a very versatile shade. I think it is a product I would repurchase not because of the lasting power but because of the nice shade , I'm wanting to try out some other shades!

Thank you for reading